About Mandy

It's me Mandy, i am an innocent petite girl in my 20s currently studying in Perth. I am a real student so please check my availability for an appointment since i do have to go to class so not always available.

This is my first time doing this job, and hopefully only temporary until everything is back to normal or new normal lol. So if you seen me somewhere please keep it private :-)

Would be much appreciated if we keep what happen in my bedroom stays in my bedroom because a real gentlemen does not kiss and tell :-)

Unfortunately i can only do take or give five customers a day, i am easily cum so its quite tiring especially when you are really good at what you are doing :-) so pre-booking always preferred.

I am new to this job, so i can only do what i did with my X before as everything that i know is taught by him and a few flings after him.

Mini Mandy   

Mandy's Feedback (click image to enlarge)

Mandy's Rates

Durations Description Price
30 Minutes Rates Include the Do's and a costume $200
45 Minutes Rates Include the Do's and a costume $250
60 Minutes Rates Include the Do's and a costume $300
90 Minutes Rates Include the Do's and a costume $450
120 Minutes Rates Include the Do's and a costume $550
180 Minutes * Dinner Dates Include the Do's and a costume $850
60 Minutes ** Mile High Include the Do's and 60 Minutes Flight Time $3000

* Subject to Availability
** Coming Soon

Mandy's Do's (* Subject to Health Check, Included in the Rate)

Mandy's Dont's

Mandy's Availability

Day Start Finish
Monday 08:00 20:00
Tuesday 08:00 20:00
Wednesday 08:00 20:00
Thursday 08:00 20:00
Friday 08:00 20:00
Saturday 08:00 20:00
Sunday 08:00 20:00

* Subject to Availability

Mandy's Wardrobe (click image to enlarge)

Let Loose Your Fantasy and Unleash Your Imagination with Mandy's Wardrobe, to request a costume please quote the costume code when making the appointment.

Code: nerdy student

Code: snow white

Code: cute student

Code: infamous yellow

Code: cheerleader

Code: french maid

Code: dream came through

Code: naughty nurse

Code: sexy dolls

Code: no secrets

Code: see through me

Code: beach time

Code: topless desire

Code: naughty maid

Code: fly high

Code: wild roses

Code: naughty thoughts

Code: sexy baby

Code: midnight dolls

Code: naugthy student

Code: sexy nurse

* Click Show More Clothes for More Options

Mandy's Kitchen (Dinner Dates)

Most of you probably wondering what is Mandy's kitchen? and why i offer this services?

What is Mandy's Kitchen? Mandy's Kitchen is where i entertain you using my home cooked food, we will have a nice dinner, share some conversations to get to know each other a little better and ending with a hot, wild and passionate bedroom activity.

Why i offers Mandy's Kitchen as one of my exclusive service? It is because i know in order to take good care of a man, i need to take good care of two things, one is his stomach and two is the things hanging six inches below his stomach. To put is simply to take good care of a man is to give him good food and good sex.

How it works? This service only available to customers that already visited me at least twice, so we already know each other and to avoid a no show. When you book for Mandy's Kitchen you can tell me what you like and dislike to eat or you can choose for me to surprise you, I will then prepare the meals for the two of us before you arrive so everything is ready when you arrived, we will have a nice meal in the comfort of my home, share some light conversation, followed by a bit of a rest, then we will proceed to the bedroom activity. I would say similar experience as visiting your girlfriend but minus the drama.

Unfortunately this service is very limited as i only can have one dinner a day, so it is not always available. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, you can find my contact details in the contact section of this page.

Mandy's Mile High Club

The term “Mandy's Mile High Club” refers to engaging in sexual activity (sexual intercourse) with me (Mandy) at an altitude of no less than 5,280 ft (a mile high above the earth) in an airplane.

Coming Soon

Mandy's Tour Schedule

City From To
Gold Coast

* Subject to Changes

Mandy's Photos (click image to enlarge)

Hey... There

Misses Me?

Thinking of You

Where are you?

Yellow Day

Maybe i need Yellow socks

Me in Yellow

One of my Favourite Colors, Yellow

Me see through

Sexy see through

On my Comfort Bed

Wish you were here with me now

Picnic in the Park

Oranges, Sandwitch, or Me?

In the corner of my House

Anyone taking me for a date?

Me and Sunflower

One of my favourite fowers

Waiting for You

Don't let me wait for too long

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Get In Touch With Mandy

Text or WeChat contact only and for a smooth appointment experiences, please include the day, time, and durations you would like to meet, this way i can book you in or suggest alternate time more easily.